Hello there friend, my name is Patricia. I am 31 and live in chilly Minnesota with my husband Alex. At my day job, ? I work as a full-time System Support Engineer and a full-time Computer Science student trying to obtain my BS. My husband has helped me A LOT in my struggles to earn my BS!

                I also want to send a shoutout to him for working on my website, which I hope to deploy Jan 1, 2019!  Thank you for being my rock, for being my cornerstone and for your never-ending support in all my pursuits, for that and more I love you.

                  I love my job because I enjoy helping people and learning something new every day. But I must say, writing has been a passion of mine since childhood. 

                  I am new to the blogging world but taking it head-on. Well, to be 100% honest, I had blogged for “fun” before. I did about 20-25 posts and had over 7000 views. I never made a penny with it. At the time, I was not looking to get into blogging as a full-time position. I have always enjoyed sharing about my life and experiences, and well, to be precise, I loved the attention!

                  Now, that has all changed. I see blogging as my change to be my boss because it will give me a chance, to work on my writing, and help others… Two things I LOVE. I also want to become a stay at home wife and mother (I do not have any children yet). Most importantly, I would like to share my ideas and make my readers lives a little easier or sprinkle some love into their lives by showing that someone out there gets them, someone else has gone through the same things. 

                  I am not 100% sure what that means yet, but I picture myself helping women and men gain confidence in themselves, this could be by self-love or improving a skill set they have. I have ideas on eBooks, courses, and even a couple of apps I would like to develop and make this world of ours just a little brighter. I am also looking forward to becoming a lifestyle coach, perhaps even just a “help you gain confidence in yourself and business” coach.

                  When I am financially independent, and a full-time blogger, I want to get into art, music and maybe some serious writing.  I love to knit and crochet while I listen to a good book or tv show too. I don’t have time for that anymore. I want to create the time for it. I am a creator at heart, and it’s time for that part of me to shine. I am an artist at heart for sure!