09 | Find Your Mantra, Then Own It

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When it comes to entertainment, I find that I must swap them out or I get burnt out! I started with YouTube 2005, Hulu 2008-9, Netflix 2010-11, audiobooks 2013. Rotating the source can happen several times a month. I bet other people are like that too! I must say that I think audiobooks are my favorite. I love imagining the words of the author and getting emotional about the scenes. Recently, while listening to a book called, Birds of a Feather by Jacqueline Winspear. (It’s part of a series called “Maisie Dobbs”). Maisie said something near the end that had me pondering.

“May I not sit in judgment.

May my decisions be for the good of all concerned.

May my work bring peace.”

What a beautiful mantra! It is something I have now add to my daily life, especially when I am upset. My husband recently told me that he thought I was a bit judging of others, even if I only share the thoughts with him or they happen in my mind. I, of course, disagreed with him, but it has stuck in my mind.

May my thoughts be good of others

May my choices live in tune with the spirit

May my labors lighten loads of those around me

May my actions bring me peace

I have a poster of this Mantra waiting for you below.

I love a good audiobook and find myself listening to them throughout the week. Sometimes, is just for mindless white noise, at other times, a fictional character says something that hits me at the core. Which sends my mind wondering and exploring the depths of the topic! I am often in awe that something unreligious, something unimportant, something fiction can impact me so much. When they say, watch out to what you surround yourself with, be careful what you watch, pay attention to the music you listen to, they mean it!  These things do affect you even if you are not aware.

I am so happy that I found this quote, and have been able to modify it for myself, this is what life is all about. Learn and assimilate what you learn, to make it yours. Examine the things that make you pause. Find out what about it made your busy day stop? How can you make it a part of your life? How can it help you improve yourself? Capture the catalyst on paper, and write out the thoughts.

I plan to repeat my version of the mantra to myself every morning in the mirror 3-5 times. Perhaps I should record it and repeat it with the recording? So I have something to lead me through the chant as I learn the phrases. The possibilities are endless! I want to see if repeating this mantra will make me a happier person, who finds only kind words, thoughts and actions to do for others. I will have to do an update post on this.

Life is too short. Find what makes your passion rise, what moves you and act on it.  I have attached a printable version of the mantra for you. May it also bring you peace.

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Don’t forget to get your copy of this Mantra. You can print it or make it into a wallpaper. MANTRA!

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