08 | Thank You For Being There – Milestone #1

When you start a new journey, you probably think one of three things, or all three. One, the end of the voyage, two how did you get there and three how did it start. Of course, you might think of it in a different sequence, but most likely these are on your mind. At the bottom of this post, I have a LINK to a checklist to get you started on your goal!

For me, I start with the end in mind. I look at where I want to be, why do I want to be there, and how hard do I want to work to get to that happy “end” of the line? Thinking of the end in mind or listing clear-cut goals makes it easier for me to get where I want to go.

When I started this journey of blogging, just one month ago, I had looked into my crystal ball and said, this is where I am going to make new friends, this is what I am going to turn into a full-time career and business. As I have earned exactly $0.00 from my new online venture, I am still shocked I made the decision. But I am happy I am on the journey.

Working towards that goal, I think of the second point often. What exactly am I suppose to do, to become a full-time blogger and launch a successful business, and work 100% from home or my own office? Girl, I already have decoration in mind for my office space… who am I kidding?

I spend my “free time” learning about blogging, learning about business, learning about what it takes to make this dream of mine a reality. Recently, my husband told me that all I do is talk about the blog this blog. I am like a woman possessed. I have had to use Google Calendar to plan out my life because all the sudden I did not have time for anything else in life.

But, do you know what the essential part of this entire journey of mine is? It’s you. You are the one that will be there for me, the one that will root for me to continue in my journey. The one that will patiently wait for me to post the next saga of whatever is going on. The one that will cry with me when I am upset, laugh with me when something funny happens, or shop with me till we can shop no more!

It’s 100%  you, and for that, I thank you. If you want to start your journey, walk this path of self-discovery – and seek your own goals, check out my free checklist. It will help you get your ideas on paper. And that’s an excellent way to start!

I have been reminded that this journey was really about BOTH of us when I woke up for work about two weeks ago. I, of course, log into my laptop and came to check the site and work on a few things. When I checked my Google Analytics, it became apparent that as I slept, my blog hit 1000+ views! Mind you; it was less than one month into my birth/creation of this blog, and only 5 posts.

Under the direction of my church leader, I took a break from social media, etc. 6 days into my blog. He had asked for us to take ten days off, but I took 14 days away. I did not just sit on my hands. I did constant research on blogging, something I never thought of doing before

I learned about the importance of using Pinterest to get traffic. I learned that there are several blog communities out there, and I am still looking for the one I will be part of for good. I can not believe the number of resources that are out there for “new bloggers.” Though I started this journey alone, I do not feel like I have to do it alone.

Thank you for being part of this journey, for helping me reach a goal already. Thank you for taking the time to read about what’s going on in my life. I am making my dreams come true already. Whatever your goals are, reach for them now. Today is a better day to start than tomorrow.

I am looking forward to the next day I get to share a Milestone with you.

I suppose I should let you know the Milestone goals I will share with you.

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