07 | How to Accept Truths

Arg, why are the things coming out of his mouth making sense? I don’t know about you, but when someone first rebukes me or brings something to light about myself that I was not aware of, I roll my eyes in my head and think WHO THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? And what army do you think will force me to do this thing you ask?

However, as some point, you have to accept that what was said is true. That patterns witnessed, recounted and explained can’t be eye rolled away. Though I might not agree with EVERY advice or things people notice about me, this one touched home.

“You do not follow through with goals you set,” he said. For some reason, when my husband said this, I could not do anything but take a deep breath and agree in my head. As he ticked off each goal I set for myself in this last year, that I either changed or did not complete, all I could do was agree.

I posted the video below on my new YouTube page, and my Facebook wall page.  On my facebook page, my girlfriend Kara posted, “Do-overs are a wonderful thing!” How true is that? It’s VERY accurate! Yes, I have been bad at following through with the goals I set for myself, and it is time to change this.

Living life is not just about regrets or chances missed. Its also about opportunities to do bigger, better things. It’s the opportunity to grow from what hurt us, from the truths we need should not be afraid to face. The time is now. I am going to make right, something I did wrong.

         How do you accept the truth? First, you listen to the person speaking the truth to you, without interruptions. Next, you ponder about what was expressed positively. Then, you think the person for sharing the facts with you (hopefully, not of them were alternative facts). After, it is up to you decide to act upon what was share, or store in the back of your mind, for another day.

No matter what goes on, or what I am asked to do, every day of November I must do makeup and hair no matter what. I will post a picture each day on my blogs Facebook Page. Want to join the challenge?  Perhaps you are not able to promise 30 days, you can do 7 days with me.


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