06 | 4 Steps to Beat the Blues

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Don’t you hate those days when everything seems to go wrong? Everyone rubs you the wrong way? You even get on your nerve, and you want to relax, turn on your show and binge. (Mine is re-watching Burn Notice on Amazon right now).

That’s the kind of Day I have had today. I always hate those days, when I look at myself and thing GOSH how did you let yourself become so overweight? Do you think anyone thinks you are beautiful? Do you think it is wise to be placing pictures of yourself online, the flood doors will open and one day someone will hurt your feelings?

You know what I replied to myself? STOP IT! Girl we have been there and done that, get off your butt and exercise more or eat less, but I don’t have time for that self-bashing talk. There was a time in my life, where these thoughts were constant, all the negative in the world against me made me feel dirty being me.

Now, when I let the world seep into my heart, I tell myself to stop it. Stop thinking about the negatives and think about the positives. I am beautiful, but just because I am physically lovely, but because in me, I feel beautiful. In me, I control my world.

So what if I have never been less than a size 22 since I was 12? And who cares that I can only find cute shoes in Payless? Who cares if I waddle when I walk? Who cares?

See, I spent 8-9 years getting severely bullied as a child, in my adulthood those hateful things sometimes try to haunt me. I know that it will always be a part of my life now. And I have accepted and manage it.

Here is how you can too.

1.    Look at your reflection right now on your monitor or your phone and say “I am beautiful/handsome.” (I don’t care if you just woke up and you have crusty eyes, and look like you just had a dance competition with your bed sheets).

2.    The next person you see, point one good thing you love about their physical appearance today.

3.   Put on some tunes that pump you up.

4. Thank God that you are alive and not a rotting corpse, cause hey you could be.

For me, there are four aspects of fighting the demons that live in your head.  Ok, yes, there is probably someone out there thinking those things about you or someone else, don’t mind those fools. Haters will always hate. They probably have their very own demons to haunt them.

The first thing I learned, in my journey to love myself, for the first time as an adult, was to accept myself for who I was. Next, I learned that when I helped someone else felt loved and appreciated, I felt good about myself. Have a playlist ready to pump you up. And finally, there is someone out there facing many worst things than you are, don’t you ever forget that and remember to pray (or mediate).

I won’t lie, I did step 1 and 3 and thought well for me to able to do step 2, I will have to leave my house on this rainy Saturday night. Where did I end up? Wal-Mart!  I purchased some new cute clothes. Shop-therapy is a real thing. ? I saw a lady in the Plus size aisle and did let her know that she was beautiful.

When the world or your demons crawl inside your head and try to make you believe that you are nothing, that you are useless, ugly and unwanted, remember that it’s a lie. You are wanted, loved and adored. If by no one else, you are loved by me. You are an amazing person and should never feel less than that.

So, Miss Beautiful/Mr. Handsome, don’t forget to look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are gorgeous, don’t forget to show some love to someone else – even a random stranger – and most importantly, don’t forget to pray.

If you have time, check out this Youtube video & THIS one too. These are Christian Songs that helps me get out of those dark holes. Heck, if you have time… listen to that entire playlist.


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