Tuesday, October 23, 2018

# 5 | Finding My Blog Path

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               I wanted to start a blog, and so I purchased a domain name and is hosted by GoDaddy. My husband is a web developer and will be building my site for me. I am currently doing research on what I want my blog to look like. But, I decided that I could not wait one more day! So I jumped on to Blogger and started to blog that very day. I am excited to have a blog that looks and feel like me.

               This week I have found myself thinking a lot about what I want this blog to be about. There are so many things that I enjoy and would love to share about. I know exactly the kind of content I want to share. I want to be personal and talk about various topics. I want to blog under the umbrella of wellness. This “wellness umbrella” for me holds self-love, also emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health. These things are important to me, and I could talk about them all day.

               But what style should my blog be? In research, I found Suzi | Start A Mom Blog, where I took a questionnaire that answered that question for me. According to Suzy, there are six types of blogs: curation, teaching, lifestyle, niche, journey, guest. The test told me my blog style is Lifestyle followed by a strong possibility of Journey blogging.

            According to Suzy, a lifestyle blog contains:

1.      Topics can be a wide variety
2.    Firmly based on the writers’ experience
3.      Has lots of pictures
4.      Emotional
5.      Word range is 500 – 1000
6.      Post 1-2xs a week

She went on to say that a journey involves:

1.      Record life's changes (weight loss etc.)
2.      Helps to keep you accountable
3.      Lots of pictures
4.      Word range is 500 – 1000 (keywords: ‘“ how to” and “before and after”')
5.      Real and transparent about the good and the bad
6.      Post 1-2xs a week

This image is actually the result of the test I took. It really fits ME, and so I had to share it with you. So, I think I have found the styles I have will be writing about. I love to challenge myself, and that is the journey part. I also love my journey of wellness, and that fits the lifestyle part.
               If you are thinking about starting a blog or revamping your blog, I would suggest you look into Suzi’s site.  Thank you, Suzi, for sharing this with us.

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  1. Well done,I could have been proud if I had achieved what you have in a few days, it took me time to have my blog resembling anything like a blog.Hope you may find this guide helpful https://morewages.com/get-started/1recommendation

    1. Thank you! I am working on trying to get it to look ok! That made my day. Thank you very much. I will certainly look at your recommendation.


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