14 | Consistency is the key: Applying Changes

I used to think that to change something in my life, I would have to wake up one morning, and everything would be perfect! As if I could go to sleep weighing 450 pounds and wake up as a 170 pounds lady. Reality is much different than that!  

Since I have been thinking about consistency, I wanted to apply some of that learning into my life. Thus, for the last few weeks, I have made my bed each morning and tried not to leave my house with the kitchen sink full.  

These might seem like silly little things to people, but they are beneficial and significant steps for me. It takes hard work, determination, focus, and a clear vision of your goals to reach your dreams. There are no magic pills out there to change anything for you; you need to put in the sweat equity if you want something to change.   

These small but vital changes are essential! My goal is to one day have one of those homes that someone can drop by at any time and I can just let them walk right in, instead of having my husband stall them at the door while I make the living room presentable. But I can only master this level of order one task and one day at a time. 


Sometimes when I commit, I waver just once, and I end up feeling crushed and give up. But not this time, I don’t want to live my life forever being afraid that I cannot commit to anything but being faithful to my husband in my marriage and working my 9-5 job for money.  

Growing up, I never made my bed at home, and in college, that did not change. When my husband and I first moved in together, I did not either. But one day I started, and for the most part, I did not stop for two years.    

But then one day I did stop, and now several days of the week the bed would be untidy. And at night there would be a silent struggle between my husband and my self,  for the thick and warm comforter in the dead of winter. Because, when the bed was not made ready in the morning, and we would go to sleep at night, one person might get fully covered, and the floor would have the rest.

My husband once told me that if I could be as consistent with other things in my life as I am with making our bed, I could accomplish so much. Of course, me being me I rolled my eyes and muttered to myself. But he was right! He also told me that I should never stop once I get in a routine; he was right on that too!  

It does not matter what you are doing; if you are not consistent in it, you cannot expect actual change. One thing that drives me nuts are dishes!  

My hands are sensitive to soaps, which can cause them to peel or crack, and this was often painful. All of which are real issues, let’s not forget that I can also be lazy.  

So, I put off dishes forever. Last year I was better. I figured out that if I used gloves, it did not bother me as much. Except that sharp objects would pierce my kitchen gloves eventually, and I ended up purchasing new gloves OFTEN.  

And then I started to get lazy again and would not wash the dishes daily. Which caused conflict in my marriage, and my husband would sometimes end up cleaning the dishes for me. For some reason, that makes me sad, and it would hurt. Like, did I just let him down? 


After using my Consistency worksheet (find your copy here), I realized that there are two things I would like to get back to being consistent with, washing dishes and making our bed. So, I have been working on that.  

When I wake up, I quickly fix my side of the bed with my husband in it, this leads to two things, either he will make his side of the bed when he wakes up, or I will do it when I come back to our bedroom when I get ready for work. I appreciate that he is helping. I have also been washing the dishes nearly every morning before I head to work.  

The dishes are the hardest part. So, I did some research and looked for dish soaps that are not harsh on the hands. I am now using Palmolive Ultra Liquid Dish Soap, Lavender and Lime. My hands are still soft, not cracking, and not hurting! So getting in a routine of washing the dishes every day is now easier. 


I am not going to lie to you; this has not been an easy thing for me if it were easy I would not have had to use my worksheet to iron out what I need to focus on and also what I need to do to become more consistent. I am so glad that in life, we get chances and opportunities to change forever and grow into who or what we want to be. 

I absolutely hate doing the laundry, :(.  I can already see that this must get added to my list of things to become consistent. Making the bed is just part of it; I must also strip the bed and change the sheets more frequently, which means MORE laundry! I do have a system, but now that it is summer, I need to time it by two.    

The dishes are always the last things I want to work on when I am about to head out for work. I want to say that other than missing two days since I have been challenging myself to become more consistent, I have accomplished keeping my sink empty, this has made me very proud of myself. 

Reminding myself why I want to become more consistent and visualizing the goals has helped me continue to do my best, even if I mess up one day.  It can be frustrating. I don’t know why housework is hard for me, but I know I can conquer it, and I will. 

If I were unable to accomplish my goal for seven days straight, I would have gone back and re-evaluated my goal and perhaps cut down how many days a week that I want to accomplish it. For example, for my current goals, we sleep and eat daily, so it makes sense that I should fix the bed and wash the dishes daily.   

Thus, if it were too hard for me to do, I would move down my goal to five days a week. It would give me fewer chances of being over stressed with the fact that I am not meeting my goals. And fewer chances of just quitting this journey.   


You know what, keeping my bed made and fresh (not that it was dirty), and keeping the sink clean brings instant gratification to both my family and me. 

We are happier. I can’t believe that just working on these two things have improved our quality of life. Why has it taken me so long to figure this out and decide to work on it? 

I am not going to say my house is like a remake of Mary Poppins, but it’s nice to see that my determination to make things better is making a difference. I feel fulfilled and happy to continue to make these changes. 

Noticeable Changes 

The changes have come around gradually in the last three weeks I have been applying this to my life, but they are there. I see that I am even looking for more things to add to my list for me to become more consistent. 

But, I am not jumping the gun. The best way to stifle change is to smother it with multiple things. I can add one more thing to my list right now just one. If you looked at my worksheet, you would see I suggested that you only work up to three tasks at a time. 

Life is a marathon, not a sprint, so working on a few things and slowly adding more to it is an excellent way to go. Note: this is where saying no to yourself and others, can make your life easier! 

Because I feel like I have my feet firmly planted in doing dishes and making our bed, I think it’s ok for me to add one more thing to the list: exercise! 

Progressing to More Goals 

Exercising is not a difficult thing for me. The tricky thing, like all parts of my life, is being consistent with the exercises I choose to do.   

Moving your body can only make your life better. I am going to make a goal for myself to be active for at least 15 consecutive minutes for 30 days. 

That can mean many things. For instance, I could dance, like my friend Kara from Living Rhythm and Joy loves to do. She says that we need to stop putting ourselves down and get on with life.   

We had a mini spa date, and I decided to challenge her to do this exercise goal with me. She said one way she would participate is by DANCING her 15 minutes. I love that Idea! 

 Sometimes, I think we get stuck with the world’s idea of “normal” when it comes to exercises, like going to the gym, lifting weights, running, and we forget that we can do simple things around our homes, like dancing to move our bodies. 

 Some suggestions: 

  • Dance 
  • Hot Yoga
  • Sit on a chair and get up (modified squats!)  
  • Go up and down the stairs 
  • Walk around your home or apartment building 
  • Skating 
  • Biking 
  • Window shopping at the mall 
  • Bike riding 
  • Gardening 
  • Mow the grass     

Personally, this year, I have fallen in love with biking! I can go for a 15-minute bike ride!  The only thing is, whatever I decide to do, I must keep moving for at least 15 minutes. 

I am no Marie Kondo or Martha Stewart and I am far from being even 25 percent of the cleaning geniuses that they are. But I am already much better than I was a month ago. My dishes and my bed are proof of that. It just takes being consistent one step at a time to change the atmosphere, love, and happiness in your home or life.

Next Steps: 

  1. Get a copy of my Consistency Workbook, if you have not yet done so 
  2. Follow me on Instagram and join me on my 30day challenge.  
    1. I will make a post about it when I am ready to start it in a week or so! 
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