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Consistency is the Key: How to be Consistent Part 2. MizzPatricia.com

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Life is tough I get it, and it’s easy to get sidetracked off whatever path we had decided to take. It’s not because we want to, but because it happens. Sometimes we feel powerless when this occurs, but the truth is we are not.

Noticing the Pattern

Over and over and over again for YEARS, I make new year’s resolutions, weight loss goals, family goals, education goals – the usual things. What does not change year after year after year is that I fall short. I get stimulated and derailed by other new shiny things I could be doing instead.

If you are anything like me, you make commitments to others and yourself and then somehow you end up doing everything for everyone else and then your projects/needs are left behind. Eventually, other things take priority, and you no longer have the need or want to do what you wanted to.

Being there for other people is a beautiful thing, but is it always the right thing to do?

Breaking the Pattern

First things first, do you remember what the word NO means? Let me remind you. Dicitionary.com says that the noun of no is “a denial or refusal.”

Being natural caregivers, women, especially mothers, give up everything to make the lives of those around them a little smoother and a bit better. But, at what cost is this done?

  • It is ok to say no!

Next time someone comes to ask you to do something that forces your projects or tasks to the back burner, breathe in and say, “I can’t help you right now with this.” Perhaps tell the person to ask you again in a few days or weeks.

Look, I am not saying neglect your children or your job. The thing is, it’s time to stop letting other peoples urgencies or lack of planning become your problem.

Ask yourself this, would this person drop everything for you? Would saying yes to whatever is being asked of you get you closer to your current goals? If your answer is no to one of these, then your response should be no to whoever is asking for your help.

You must also say no to yourself. But we can talk about that later.

  • Believe in Yourself!

It makes no sense to tell yourself I can’t do this continuously, or my favorite, I don’t want to let this person down. It’s my stupid fault for making a promise to myself that I would get this done. I will never get this done. The power of positive thinking is a real thing.

Stop being your own worst critic and work on becoming your #1 fan. Yeah, its easier said than done. But it can be done. You will need to be forever vigilant to succeed at this, but it Is possible.

So tell yourself I can do this, I will do this, I must do this. No negative talk welcomed.

The following are steps needed to succeed when it comes to becoming consistent.

  • Write it Down Today!

Remember that saying, a dream not written down is a wish? The same is right about tasks. If you are someone that quickly gets distracted by shiny things like me, then you need to write down all your tasks. Having something you can readily turn to is important because you can quickly turn to it when you need, especially if that need is an encouragement to stay on the path.

As women, we are always trying to multitask the heck out of things, and yes, that is a great ability that we have possession of, but it’s not one we always need to use.

Give yourself the chance to focus one project at a time, even though you have LOTS to do.

  • Add it to Your Calendar!

Take note, not everything you are doing should get any priority or is worth being placed in your calendar. I have learned that I can only focus on one thing and one alone. My mind is already in a place where it does not take much to lose focus.

Dedicate yourself by setting time aside that you will work on your task. For me, this blog is essential. I am now waking up at 6 AM and working on it from 6:30–9:00 AM Monday through Thursday, before I have to be at work at 10:30 AM. I also work on my blog during different devoted times on Friday and Saturday, and of course, every chance I get during a break at work. Guess what? I am getting things done.

By setting aside a specific time to work on my business, I am doing more work in 2.5 hours then I was able to do in an entire week.

Below I have included a companions worksheet for this blog to help you plan out your week.

  • Don’t Give Up!

The struggle is real! For the longest time, anytime I started something and got derailed, the derailment equaled failure in my eyes, and I just QUIT whatever I was doing because that one mistake or that one missed day was the end of the world for me.

I have learned that it is NOT true! This is 100% what would happen when I would make diet goals. I’d be good for 2-3 weeks then fall to temptations, and because I fell for that sweet temptation, I felt no longer worthy of continuing my diet plan.

It also happens with exercise goals. I would say ok, I am going to exercise 3 days a week, I could have completed it for months, and the first week I don’t make the 3 days, I get off the train!

  • We Have Choices!

I am sure this is a pattern many of us face. Perhaps its because we naturally only see the bad choices we have made and somehow those choices erase all the great things we have completed. That is just total crap!

Nothing in your life should ever be all or nothing. That is just not realistic at all. So you forgot to do your task or goal one day, no big deal. Don’t stop. Don’t throw yourself a pity party. Don’t let that voice in your head tell you that you are a failure and should just quit NOW!

I use to think of calories by days, and if I messed up that one day, my life was over. Now I think of calories per week, and I think of exercise per month.

  • Roll With the Punches!

Currently, my calorie intake is 1400, so my calories for the week equal to 9,800. If one day it goes up to 1800 I do not sweat. I use the remaining days of the week to make up for it. If it happens on Saturday, I know that the calories I can allow myself for the following week go down to 9,400.

If I am only able to exercise 2 times one week, I will do my best to exercise 4 times the next week. By the end of the month, I will have met my weekly exercise goal.

I have made a little poster that you can either print or save to your desktop. Get your copy NOW!

We are HUMANS, not robots, things happen, some are in our control, and some are not. We can control the dedication we have to become consistent in all things. We need to take the initial steps to reach those goals or tasks. Believing in yourself is the key, and not giving up is the fuel that will harness your energy and make it possible for you to succeed.

Next steps:

  1. Get your copy of the companion worksheet to becoming consistent.
  2. I am curious, let me know how you stay accountable and consistently complete the tasks or goals you set for yourself, leave a comment below.

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